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Welcome to Wellness Interpreted

I’m Sierra – Thanks for visiting! Wellness Interpreted is a website where you can expect to find reliable and factual wellness information, as well as healthy recipes, that will help you reach your own personal health goals. If you feel overwhelmed by all of the different, conflicting, and (often times) bogus health information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis – I hear you!

I hold bachelor’s of science degrees in both Nutrition and Biochemistry and I feel it is so important to be critical about the health information and advice we receive, where it is coming from, and if it is scientifically sound. I am passionate about utilizing nutrition to achieve optimum health, and I want to help you get there too by sharing credible health information and healthy recipes that won’t bore your tastebuds!

Some other stuff that I am into is mountain biking, motorcycles, and exploring delicious and new foods. I also have a fat cat named Bagels who runs our house.

I am enthusiastic about always learning more and finding solid advice on health topics. I would love for you to follow along! Right now you can get updates on new posts, recipes, and general musings by following me over on Instagram @WellnessInterpreted.

Bagels the Cat
Bagels the cat