Sugar Free January Week 5 Meal Plan
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Sugar Free January Week 5

You guys! It is the final week of the 30 Day Sugar Free January Challenge. It is a little bit bitter sweet because I have been having such a great time sharing my meal plans and recipes with you. And just sharing this journey in general!

Week 4 Recap

So I want to know, how did this sugar free challenge go for you? Are you sticking out until this final week?

How do you feel having cut out refined and added sugars from your diet for the last four weeks? Do you notice any difference in your sleep, energy levels, mood, physical well being in general?

I definitely have! I have noticed that my energy levels have significantly increased after about 2 weeks. Initially I felt like I was crashing, but sticking it out, I feel more mentally clear as well. I feel like my sleep quality has even improved.

Week 5 Meal Plan

It is the final meal plan and it is a short one. There are only 4 days this week to bring us to the end of January to complete our 30 day challenge. Only 4 more days!

This last week I am trying to keep it super simple. A batch cooked lunch to last all week and super simple breakfasts and dinners.

As always, make sure to read through the recipes before hand so you know ahead of time if you are making substitutions. Then update the grocery lists. All of the recipes can be doubled or multiplied if you are cooking for others as well.

Download the Week 4 Meal Plan by clicking the image link below!

Sugar Free January Week 5 Meal Plan

What’s next?

For me – I plan to continue to limit added sugars in my diet. Just maybe not quite so strict. I like a little sugar in my coffee and I am a true chocolate lover!

This challenge helped remind me that by planning ahead and taking just a couple of hours at the beginning of the week to do some prep, you really set yourself up for a great week ahead. Life gets busy and having a plan ahead of time always helps – this can be applied to any aspect of your life so it’s no surprise how helpful meal planning can be.

I really hope that you found these sugar free plans or meal templates useful. I will be taking my favorite recipes from this challenge and putting them into the Recipes section of this website soon.

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